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Big Fish, with its new practice and expertise in the area of Sales & Marketing, provides state of the art Assessment, Recruitment and Training Services for individuals, teams and entire organizations.

Based on our unique double expertise in both Purchasing and Sales, we provide a comprehensive cross-view in all of our activities from the point of view of

- People & Teams in Sales
- People & Teams in Purchasing

The exclusive program “Buyer/Seller”, allows Sales & Marketing professionals to understand how Buyers think and act, in order to help them improve their effectiveness in their relationship with Purchasing professionals.



Big Fish Sales & Marketing Assessments evaluate the skills and competences of professionals on three main levels:

    • global assessment of the global organization (company) concerning Sales & Marketing capacity in order to identify the global maturity and/or competence level of the organization
    • team assessments of the Sales & Marketing organization, to help identify talents and areas of potential improvements of the team(s)
    • individual assessment of members of the Sales & Marketing organization, to  provide independent feedback on individual strengths and weaknesses, talents potential and improvement areas – be it to support professional development or career development decisions

In every assessment we focus on providing concrete insights and identifying relevant gaps between the actual state skills levels and a benchmark (results- and/or market-oriented).



Choose the best experts and managers, and find the right talents for your organization that fit not only a job description but match with the  culture of your organization, understand your business and are able to achieve expected results in the field.


Due to its double expertise in both Purchasing/SC and Sales, Big Fish provides a unique understanding of the entire ecosystem your teams are working in.


We do not only search the right people but support our clients throughout the entire process from the definition of the position to the integration of the candidate with a 360° view of relevant stakeholders and expected results.



Strengthening individuals or entire teams in their ability to achieve results is a core challenge for every organization. We provide the right training for various situations and customize skills development programs to the precise need of your teams:

    • Negotiation for People in Sales – back to the basics
    • Managing People in Sales – enable everybody to deliver the best
    • Leadership in Sales – transforming relationships with clients and stakeholders
    • Coaching for Managers in Sales & Marketing
    • Buyers/Sellers – learning how buyers think and act
    • Customized trainings as per your request