Enterprise 3.0

The Enterprise 3.0

The Enterprise 3.0 – people centric business development:

It takes two main ingredients to build and manage modern organizations – people and processes.

Contrarily to the traditional approach which focuses on technology and automation, the enterprise 3.0 is entirely built around skills and people working in client-focused, cross-organizational project teams.

This new model provides a spectacular increase in speed, performance and agility over traditional organizations and ways of working, allowing the development of a unique competitive advantage based on the DNA of the integrated teams and skills.


Big Fish quantifies and qualifies clearly the company’s resources  utilizing the Supplier and Client Relationship Assessment as well as the Target Orientated Skills Calibration and change orientated activity analysis’.

Furthermore Big Fish and its partners identify the innovation and collaboration abilities of companies. Even more tools are in development to support companies on their way to the extended enterprise.


Big Fish identifies and select quickly high potentials utilizing our consultants individual networks, our proprietary database and a variety of online sources.

The recruitment identifies interim solutions if needed as well as long term middle management candidates that link your internal and integrate your external resources.


Big Fish follows a triple A approach: Awareness, Acquisition and  Autonomy. Our training aims to transform the organization of the company efficiently by developing teams in the field. Key element in this approach is to create a dynamic in the team that enables the people to drive change themselves. This dynamic is supported with training in leadership, communication, negotiation to leverage the team’s full potential.