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P&L Optimization & Risk Management

We transform teams and organizations

across all functions with a global impact: Sales & Marketing, Purchasing & Supply Chain, Legal & Risk Management...

What do we do?

We develop people´s skills and develop organizations to reach sustainable competitive advantage and significant improvements
(up to 30%-50%) in many sectors
(top- and bottom-line performance, productivity, agility, and risk management).

Why do we do this ?

Because implementation of modern Resource Management (Extended Purchasing) and Value Network Management (Extended Supply Chain) allows to increase company performance by twofold or more via the use and impact of the combined expertise of internal and external resources in an extended enterprise model.

Where do we engage ourselves?

Whenever an organization is facing a significant challenge, be it for a specific project, a market, a product, a client or an overall issue of performance. Or when a leader wants to prepare his organization for future challenges and/or develop a distinct competitive advantage for his clients and his team.

How do we do it ?

By using our integrated ART approach, a variety of tools & methods developed in field projects with over 60 organizations over the past 10 years, and by working with existing resources of a company to transfer know how from day 1, building – sustaining – structuring and entrepreneurial approach from the ground upwards.

Big Fish Sales & Marketing

The ART of Sales & Marketing

For more than a decade specialist of Assessment, Recruitment and Training in the area of Purchasing, Big Fish is proud to extend its offer to the area of Sales & Marketing.
Via a team of seasoned experts with the typical Big Fish mix of field experience, market understanding and best practices know-how, we provide unique services for our clients to help them create value for their organizations.

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